New Item

《Crazy Painting》

Before the opening ceremony, the price of 《crazy painting》 will be reduced by 20% and a bottle of champagne gift to you

Crazy Painting

⍢⍡Maximum of 6 people

Services & Facilities

🎨 Acrylic paint




👟Shoe cover

🍷A bottle of wine

☕️Free coffee

​📶Free WiFi


☑️  No time limit on the day
☑️  Professional guidance on site

Size:50x60 cm 780 HKD (624HKD 20%off)
Number sizes of canvas to choose from, pay extra if upgrading other sizes 

The price is for one person.   Bring a friend for 300 HKD/extra person, this only applied to the one canvas 
Reminder: Crazy painting may easily to get yourself dirty on clothes and shoes. We suggest you wear inexpensive clothes and shoes to enjoy the session! However, we do provide whole body protection. So let's do something crazy for painting!